Sunday, December 28, 2008

Am I an Atheist or Not?

This is in response to a comment left by IndiaPavan in my blog entry The Idea of God.
He asked me if I was an atheist or not? Valid question and the fault obviously lies with me for not having given a clear yes or no answer. So am I going to give a categorical answer now?

Somehow you already know that I wouldn't be going in for a post if the answer were that simple. Right? That's life for you.

On the other hand I am not going to launch into another discourse and justify my stand. Instead, I would chose to tell a parable - the most effective way of conveying a message. The parable comes from Gautam Buddha himself, who I regard as the great human being ever to step on earth. Anyone who can summarize the world's greatest mysteries in 4 simple truths has to be the greatest ever.

Ok here goes ...

Buddhism, as you are aware, is an atheist religion. You knew that right?

So once his disciple asked Buddha, "Do you believe in God?"
Buddha answered. "It doesn't matter."
Disciple: "So, you don't believe in God?"
Buddha: "It doesn't matter."

Buddha true to his nature was measured in his words. (What else do you expect from a man who trigerred a new sect (Zen Buddhism) with a twirl of a flower?)

I too shall follow his way. Or at least try to and instead of trying to find whether God exists and debate on his non-existence, I shall merely repeat "It doesn't matter."

Note: The picture used here belongs to Andrea Kratzenberg. For more such photographs, visit his gallery.

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Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong. But I thought Buddhism is NOT an Atheist religion. It does believe in some supreme power, right? I could not find anything that said anything about theism or atheism. But nonetheless, it is good to know that people are being more rational nowadays.

PS: Why don't you link my name to the particular post which you were referring to? It might be easier for people to find out what you wanted to show them.

Rashi said...

hi amitabh i wanted to thank you for visiting my artblog... i wanted to reply there... bt there was no mail... then i landed over your blog .. but cud nt find your email again.. so i am posting my thanks in this comments... however,write ups are awesome... keep posting. thanks :))

Amitabh said...

Thanks for your comment.
1) Buddhism IS a religion thathas no place for God. At least in its original form. Unfortunately, Buddha himself was "made" into a god by the Mahayana sect and then by Hinduism (as one of the Avatars of Hinduism). Sad that!

Not sure about the PS. If you click on the Idea of God link just after your name, it takes you the post I am referring to and if someone clicks your name thereit will take them straight to your blog.

tushar dasgupta said...

hello amitabh!!!
as you had told me to read this post,i hv read it and i do not know why(sorry)i have landed into a sort of dissatisfaction.whatever i concluded from the post is about 'reality',means whatever is in front of you and is visible to you,should be taken into consideration.
don't you think there is something beyond our own brain capacity because the formation of this whole universe is also a mystery.
i agree with you on the part that searching something which is impossible is simply consumption of time but if everyone thinks in the same direction then there will be no conclusion to this unsolved you really think that we should be so much practical in every aspect of life? being practical is always good but few things should be given a proper thought.

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