Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Joke, Convincing Proof and Pakistan

A man once took out an advertisement in a leading newspaper in which he offered a huge sum of money if anyone can convince him that 2 + 2 = 4. His friends were stunned. What is wrong with him? When told that it can be easily proved, he smiled and said, "You can prove it. Yes. But can you convince me?"

This was one of the silly jokes that I heard when I was a kid. Turns out that it is not that silly after all.

India, America, Britain, Russia (at least 4 countries when I counted last) and people within Pakistan (Kasab's father, Nawaz Sharif) have been pouring evidence that the Mumbai attack was launched from Pakistan's soil. And what does Pakistan day, "Yeah! You can prove it. But you cannot convince me!"

And to deflect the whole situation, there is huge cry of war. Fighter planes are displaying their antics over all major cities in Pakistan. This is a country which was on its knees a few weeks ago with a begging bowl for an IMF assisted bailout. The IMF needs to do an audit to check what is happening to the aid amount. Perhaps, it is being burnt as aviation fuel in the silly aircraft exercise.

Now, this is my prediction:

If this continues, Pakistan will meet the same fate as Iraq. There will come a day when all other countries will get fed up with the terror attacks from Pakistan and hit back hard at the root.

The tragedy: the ordinary people of Pakistan who can't be bothered less will be affected. Iraq's tragedy was avoidable, Pakistan's will not be.

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priya said...

nice post amitabh.

it hurts to imagine the plight of the ordinary citizen - indian or pakistani - in case we end up with the extremes of a war!!!

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