Saturday, December 13, 2008

Story Easily Forgotten

The poems are particularly awful ... as I see them now. They are more like rhymed sentences. But since these are my own creation and I can no longer write (even) like this, I guess it is worth digitizing it.

I think this story is from the Arabian Nights (or I maybe wrong).

Dated 21.Aug.1989


Once there lived a little boy,
Who had a strange habit;
Never read fairy tales,
or 'the Tortoise and the rabbit'.

He used to lie and dream,
Of people full of cheer,
Slowly he grew up to
Love laughter, hate tear.

One night he slept late.
But oh! what accursed fate.
The room was shining bright.
How can one sleep in so much light?

On the chair sat a fairy,
writing in her diary,
A list , she said, of all on earth,
who loved God since their birth.

He smiled at the list and said, "Oh lady!
My name isn't there, this I've known.
For I never had any time for God,
But I love people as my own.

For when I see a kid,
hungry and sad,
I don't pray to God;
I become his dad.

I get him some food,
And make him smile.
So that he can enjoy life,
For a little while."

The fairy smiled and said,
"God lives in your breast.
And you top the list
Of those whom God loves best."

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