Monday, December 8, 2008

Self Restraint By TV Channels

I have made my displeasure of the Mumbai Terror TV coverage previously in my blog. I must confess the danger presented to the security forces due to live coverage escaped my notice. Looks like the politicians have now got into action. They now have a chance to hit back. The TV channels themselves are to blame.

However, we need to be aware that such curbs could actually backfire. Freedom of press, naturally, is critical to our democracy. I come from the era of no TV and so to see TV exposing the loop holes in Indian system gives me thrills. So, before the politicians get their act together, the TV channels should come together - forgetting their rivalry, which is pretty apparent; after all they were colleagues not so long ago - and come up with a charter of self-restraint. And please would you address the following in your charter too:

a) Not allowing others to speak, particularly the politicians (we would like to hear them too; we are quite capable of coming to a conclusion).
b) Screaming at the top of your voice during discussions
c) Breaking news only when the news is worth breaking

See here for my major crib with one of the TV News presenter.

It is getting extremely irritating. Switching channels does not help. All of you do it.

To be fair, I still find Prannoy Roy to be very dignified. On a couple of occassion, I found the reporting by a channel called News X (or something similar) pretty restrained.

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