Friday, December 5, 2008

China Lectures US On Economy

When I first blogged on the communists helping out the capitalists, I was pretty amused by the idea. What will the economists come up with next.

Apparently they were not that wrong.

And although the content of the reference in the previous blog and the news in Financial Times, "China Lectures US On Economy" is quite different, one can't help getting the feeling that the world order is shifting. I won't at all be surprised if in some-not-so-distant-future the headlines scream "China Lectures US On Economics."

I wonder if we can come to the following conclusion ... Communism did not win - poor leadership broke its back. But nor did Capitalism - greed of a few broke its back. Today US is the biggest socialist country in the world. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of families will suffer because of greed of a few.

Ultimately the winner will be the Middle Path - a judicious mix of capitalism with sufficient safeguards to prevent runaway greed. The Buddha smiles.

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