Friday, December 12, 2008

Terror Manufactured In Pakistan

manufacturing terror
In the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan is a small town called Darra Adam Khel.

This place is famous for manufacturing fire arms. I am sure this place supplies arms to the terrorists. This place needs to be shut down.

I have extracted this from the best seller Himalaya by Michael Palin (He is English and I do not think is related to Sarah Palin; but I could be wrong). This was written in year 2004.

"Darra High Street, described by Geoffrey Moorhouse as 'the noisiest street in the world', runs for almost a mile and is filled with the roar of horn-blaring, gear-changing trucks punctuated by the cackle of gun-fire. You never quite know where the shots are coming from. As I cross the street a preoccupied figure in white robe pops out of a shop behind me, raises an AK-47, blasts a few rounds into the air, shakes his head and disappears inside again to make adjustments. Seeking relief from the din, I walk into a small arcade running at right angles off the main street. It is, to all intents and purposes, an arms mall, consisting of everything from workshops to carpeted rooms where you can select the weapon of your choice while taking tea with the management. In one establishment an earnest, bespectacled young man sits cross-legged, fashioning a trigger for a mini-Kalashnikov using pliers and a small hammer. Next door to him an older, bearded man scrutinizes a freshly made Mauser like a scholar bent over sacred texts. The equipment may be low-tech but the standard of plagiarism is extremely high. Originally confined to making copies of the British Army's great standby, the Lee Enfield .303, Darra's retailers now offer brand-name pump-action rifles, revolvers, automatics and quite probably rocket-launchers. One man proudly shows me a James Bong pen that can fire real bullets (he proves this to me by stepping out into the street and loosing it off.)"

Can't this be shut down? I mean what kind of country is this where weapons are manufactured and sold openly.

Evidence or no evidence, fire arms can be used for only one purpose - killing people. I am sure the Pakistan Army does not buy their arms from Darra Adam Khel!

So, who are the customers? Do I need to spell that out too?

Note: The picture used here belongs to Renxx Gmdr. To see more of pictures visit his gallery.

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Malice said...

Wow, scary stuff !!!!

Madhu said...

It is said that the Americans thought them how to manufacture the weapons locally to fight the soviets in Afghanistan. Now its biting them as well as us. :-(

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