Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please Declare War On Hunger

Can any thing be sadder than this?
What use is our all our technological advance if we still have people who go hungry at night? See here.
And it is not as if this is confined to African countries. India is on fast track to development. But we are still worse off as far as hungry people are concerned. See India improves on hunger list.
I am well aware of the feed-the-man versus teach-him-to-fish argument. But come on! First remove his hunger. Then teach him to fish.
RBI and the Indian government are falling of each other doling out rescue packages to keep India on growth path. I don't recollect any major package to remove hunger. Individuals can help. NGOs can help. The impact can only be created by governments.
We need to declare war on hunger.
Is anyone listening?

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