Saturday, December 6, 2008

Is Washington DC The New Chinese Capital?

The pattern I see is as follows ...

First, US sinks into a financial mess.

Second, US looks at China for help -- see here

Then, US begs China not to devalue their currency -- see here.

Thereafter, China lectures US on how to manage their economy. China also tell US that Chinese assets and investments in US should be protected. See here.

Then comes the news that Chinese property hunters are planning to pick up property in US on a large scale. See here.

So are we seeing a Chinese take over of US? This could be a great story for a Hollywood blockbuster. I am just conducting a thought experiment here and the conclusion (and the title) is just fiction. Or is it?

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commontater said...

That's not a bad thought experiment, actually. It would be like our country being taken over without a "shot fired" - kinda?

BTW, I just bumped you out of Alpha Inventions reading cycle, kewl, eh? ;>

commontater said...

WOW. You are good. At thought experiments, that is.. *tricksy titters* Just effing WOW.

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