Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Influencing Thought Process

Rarely does one get an opportunity to experiment on self.
This is how the brain works ...

I do not consider myself superstitious. But some two years ago, I realized that I am becoming mildly superstitious. I caught myself thinking negatively about the number 13 .. like "Oh! the number is 13. Let's see what happens" kind of thing. This obviously was a superstition as I would not even think of what is going to happen on seeing any other number. So, I resolved to get rid of this nonsense.

I remembered that my room number during my post graduation was 113. I also realized that my house number is 1314, which is on the 7th cross. I decided that both the numbers 7 and 13 are lucky for me. Then on seeing a number combination of 1, 3 and 7, I would tell myself, "ah! there is my lucky number."

This went on for many days ... this gradually became a habit. I would look up numbers and instinctively check out the combination. 137 ... 317 ... 1137 ..7413...9713 on and on and on.

About two days ago I realized that I am back to square one. I had started believing that the combination of 1,3 and 7 is actually lucky for me. This was ridiculous. I had cleaned jumped from one superstition to another.

I am now trying detoxify myself ...

So, is this how the brain works. I had known that repeating something over and over again moves short term memory to long term memory.
But this is different.
It is as if I can influence my thought process itself. Now, this is great. The thought process is actually in my control. Only I need to decide the way I need to think about an aspect of life and by continuously and actively thinking that way, I should be able to internalise the thought process.

Definitely worth a try.

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