Friday, December 26, 2008

Use ScribeFire To Post Attractive Blogs

I am typing this blog using ScribeFire. This is an add-on to the Firefox. I am not sure if this is available on other browsers too.

I would recommend this for anyone who finds the editor on their blogging platform inadequate.

Though I am not sure how this will look like when I finally publish it, the editor has some amazing features.

The editor lets you use various fonts, strike true through and font sizes. You can also set the font colour. The editor lets you insert special characters too - brilliant! But not ½ as brilliant as the ability to publish posts to different platforms. I do not have to go to my blogging platform(s). I will be able to publish my posts to different blogs from this one editor.

I am still exploring the various options.

Once I publish this, I will come back to tell you how good or bad this really is. Cleverly used this should improve the attractiveness quotient of posts and hopefully increase traffic.

Try it.

PS: I had to come back to put the labels for the post. But that's about all. It is like using HTML without knowing how to use it.
I would strongly recommend ScribeFire or an equivalent.

PPS: Ok. I figured out how to insert labels. There is a side bar on ScribeFire that lists your categories that you need to select. I am very pleased with this tool.

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