Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Don't Care About Slumdog Millionaire

musical notes

All I care about is Gulzar.
Not about Slumdog Millionaire.
Not about AR Rahman.
Only about Gulzar.
He should get the Oscar.

Not that he needs recognition from Hollywood. Rather the whole world needs to be introduced to wonderful poetry and lyrics of Gulzar.

In the crazy, madcap world of Mumbai masala movies, Gulzar has been the sole voice of reason. His lyrics are the bright spot of any movie, whether the movie itself is a hit or a flop. The sheer poetry of his lyrics can shred your heart to bits and then at the next moment make you smile with the drop of tear still clinging to your eyes.

I first heard Gulzar when I was small. Aandhi was the movie and the songs were captivating. The music of RD Burman and Gulzar mesmerized a nation.

I could go on and on about Gulzar but then there is lot more information on Gulzar on Internet.
Instead go to Youtube and just immerse yourself in what can only be termed as ecstasy.
Go here and here. Even if you do not understand Hindi, you will love the song. (By the way, the movie is directed by Gulzar)

Given a choice I would only listen to Gulzar songs. Here is one more of my favourite. And oh yes, Lata Mangeskar - the Nightingale of India - lends her voice to all three songs. Let me know if you liked the songs.

And you know what?
If Gulzar wins the Oscars, AR Rahman will win too. And so will Slumdog Millionaire.

Picture Courtesy: Ilker

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ARJuna said...

I respect your love for the man and his works which are truly the most beautiful and graceful works of art in Bollywood.
I understand that "Slumdog" will win an Oscar if Gulzar wins it, but I did not get what you meant by, "AR Rahman will win it too"???

Amitabh said...

Rahman shares the Original Song nomination “Jai Ho” with Gulzar. So if this song wins both Gulzar and Rahman get the Oscar. However, if the other song “O Saya” wins, Rahman gets to sare the Oscar with Maya Arulpragasam.

Stan Kruslicky said...

I am going to watch this movie this weekend, i hope to enjoy the music as you did!

Yogeesh said...

Check this out

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