Friday, January 16, 2009

iPod is a Life Saver

Picture this ...

Traffic moving at a snail's pace ... motor cycles trying to weave their way through ... drivers honking their heart out ... all of a sudden someone turns on his music system and all you can hear is a dull thump hammering against your brain ... and just when the traffic starts moving the vehicle ahead of you stops dead.


Enough to give you road rage. Good thing India doesn't have gun laws like America has. The roads would be bloody.

In all this chaos if you see some one driving with an angelic smile, two white wires sticking out of his ears, giving way to others as they cut sharply across, and actually enjoying traffic jams ... you can be sure that he is on an Apple iPod (or something similar).

iPod can be a life saver in such cases. I have loaded all those wonderful German podcasts available at Deutsche Welle on my iPod. These german lessons are woven around interesting stories.

Here's how my iPod helps me ...

a) Since driving with attention diverted to podcasts could be dangerous, I slow down and that makes my driving safer.

b) It keeps away noise from the traffic surrounding me.

c) Since I am more interested to listen to one complete episode that reaching office, a traffic jam does not bother me. In fact I welcome it at times.

d) I learn German the best way possible - by complete immersion.

e) And most importantly, I don't get involved in road rage crimes.

I wish every one on the road was on an iPod trip. It saves life.

Note: The picture used belongs to Nathaniel Dodson (see gallery)

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Heidi said...

This is hilarious!
But there was one comment that left me scratching my head -- the one about India not having gun laws like America.
Did you mean laws that ALLOW guns or laws that CONTROL guns?
Because over here, the gun guys get a lot of priority, and our streets ARE bloody, especially in cities like L.A.
Road roage really is crazy. My husband has taught me how to control my outbursts since we married, but it has less to do with an iPod and more to do with giving grace to that other person.
This was a great post, though! Enjoyed it.
Heidi Rafferty
Harrodsburg, Kentucky USA

Lazybug said...

Oh! Totally agree with you on that. I don't drive without it. And it has slowed me down quite a bit, esp. towards the end of my journeys, since end of journey, essentially means end of the sweet music (for a while,even).

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