Monday, January 12, 2009

Toys and Personality Types

This is a great new way of discovering your personality type. And if I had any brains I would take a patent on it, but then ...

The process

Take a Rubik's Cube.
Give it some random twists and make it a mess of colours.
Then try to solve it

a) If you could not be bothered, then you have lost your childlike quality. This is not so bad as it seems. But then you could do better. Playing with toys can be educational you know. You are RC Type #1.

b) If you try to solve the Cube, Try it for some time and then give up. You are RC Type #2. You give up too soon.

c) If you have managed to get one side to have one colour, you are obviously thrilled. You then try to solve the complete puzzle. It is becoming more and more frustrating. You give up, satisfied that you could manage at least one side. And if you had some more time you could definitely manage the full cube. You are RC Type #3. You start off well but lack the killer instinct to see a solution through. Also, you are satisfied with local solutions and do not global solutions.

d) If you have been trying to solve the cube for the last so many years. It has eluded all your attempts. Irrespective of that you keep trying (whenever you have time, that is), you are great tryer. You are RC Type #4. You have the patience and perseverance that is so important to attain success in real life too.

e) You have cracked the puzzle. You must be good. It took you some time and needed some help, but you did it in the end. Congratulations! You are a natural problem solver. Success comes to you naturally. Or you are a mathematician! In any case you are RC Type #5. Go on to Kaleidoscope now.

You have never tried a Rubik's Cube?
Go running to the nearest toy shop or order it on the Amazon.
And if you have kids, remember to get one for yourself!

Use the above categorization at your risk :-)

The picture used here belongs to Sarah Williams. Please visit her gallery to see more such pictures.

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Ashwin said...

Hi Amitabh,

Interesting article:

Man takes 26 years to solve Rubik’s Cube


ARJuna said...

Hi there, very interesting post there. I unfortunately belong to RC type 2(Although this may be outdated info since I tried the Cube long back and have never touched it since...)However you have rekindled that childhood flame of curiosity and perseverance I will surely try it once more...

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