Saturday, January 17, 2009

Squidooing The Weekends

Check out my lens

I discovered Squidoo a few days ago. Entirely by accident.
I purchased a Seth Godin book, The Purple Cow (Yeah! I still buy books!) and was intrigued enough to check out his blog.
There I noticed the strange set combination of characters S-Q-U-I-D-O-O.
So, I explored further and today I am a lens master.

I took me some time to understand how to get a hang of this Squidoo animal. Every time I thought of an idea for a lens on Squidoo, I found it more suitable for my blog here.

Since I do not give up on a possible future without giving it a shot, I have now decided to dedicate one day, either a Saturday or a Sunday, to making a lens. My repertoire of lens is slowly building up. I realize that the lens serves as a repository of my blog. And it works like this ...

I scan my blog for a common thread between different blogs and when I find one, I convert that into a lens.

Though the blurb says create a lens in 60 seconds (or something similar), I take at least 2-3 hours coming up with a suitable idea and executing it.

Have a look at the lens I created today: Photographs of intricately carved sculptures of Hoysala Temples

Let me know what you think of it.

And should you want to become a lens master yourself, click on my referral link here (You can become a lens master directly too; it is just that this would be your way to thank me ;-))

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