Monday, January 5, 2009

Discovering Internet Through Books

The world of Internet
No! I don't mean e-books. I mean the books that deal with some aspect of Internet. I avoided such books for a long time - for some strange reason that I have still not been able to put my finger on.

But before I go on here are a few interesting things ...

a) Have you heard of LAUNCHcast? It is Yahoo's online radio station. You can create your own play list. You can pick and choose. This is also where recording companies test waters.

b) Ok how about this? Machinima. Have you heard about this? You can make movies at your home on this using animation characters. All you need is a script and a set of good voices.

c) I am sure you have heard of Rhapsody. Yes? Congratulations because you are ahead of me. I just read about this.

d) Let's try something more basic. Go to Google. In the search field just type "25 * 30" and hit return. What do you get? Yes it works like a calculator. Ho hum! But wait. Now type "twenty five * 30". Hmmmm... it still works. What about "twenty five multiplied by thirty". Wow! It still gives you an answer. What kind of calculator is this?

The first book on Internet that I read was The Google Story by David Vise. Besides telling a story it had such interesting bits (such as the Google calculator) that I was hooked.

I am now reading LONG TAIL. by Chris Anderson. Equally riveting. But the interesting parts are the information on Internet that otherwise would have escaped me.

The best thing about such information is that you can immediately go to the Net and check it out for yourself.

The paradox: the best way of discovering Internet is through books. All this when Internet is threatening to displace books as a habit.

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Heidi said...

I really enjoy your blog -- great writing, provoking thoughts, informative content. You also have some cool widgets there in your side column that, as a fellow blogger, I was not aware existed.
I keep bumping you off of the alphainventions cycle and felt it was about time I paid you the courtesy of a visit. I wanted to visit your blogger profile but didn't see a link to it ... Anyway, this is extremely well-done, and I'll be visiting you in the future frequently!
Best wishes and Happy New Year!
Heidi Rafferty
Harrodsburg, Kentucky USA

ARJuna said...

Hi, great links you have there. I also came across the book you mentioned The Google Story the other day, but wasnt interested in it at that time. This time I'll make sure that I read it. Thank you for coming by my blog, do keep checking back every once in a while

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