Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Place In The Sun

How would you like to earn $250,000 per week? No this is not a scam. This is happening and we are all contributing. But more of that later down the post.

27-March-2007 is a date I will remember for ever. It was on this date I first published my blog. On that date I became someone who just searches for information on Internet to someone who provides information. That in itself is a huge satisfaction. The blog on DO-178B is niche.

It took me another year or so to decide to start blogging on more general topics and monetize - this blog.
As of this moment this blog has been viewed by over 90,000 individuals.

But consider this. There are more than 50 million bloggers world-wide. In India alone there are more than 6000 bloggers. These are conservative estimates. So, my blog is one among 50 million? What are the chances of getting any readers? Where is my place in the sun?

And then Chris Anderson comes to rescue. It turns out that I am part of a LONG TAIL.

So what is a long tail? For example, if you plot the graph between number of visitors (in Y-axis) against all the blogs in the X-axis. Now arrange the blogs on X-Axis from those getting maximum hits to those getting minimum. You would get a rapidly declining curve with the first few blogs getting huge number of visitors. The curve rapidly declines but the value never touches zero on the X-axis. The curve goes on and on.

Let me take a better example ... an example that I am familiar with. My blog has non-zero visits. Everyday there is at least one visitor. The visitor may or may not check out any advertisements. But in a month there is at least one click on the advertisement. That amounts to a few cents. Now it seems 98% of the more-than-50-million-bloggers fall in my category (more of less). So that is 50 million cents a week. And even if we take 50% of these blogs to be inactive, it is $250,000 per week. Not bad earning for someone like Google whose advertisements adorn most of these blogs.

Google, e-bay, Amazon, i-Tunes have all understood this new economy. And are exploiting it.

The ancient Indians too understood this. There is a proverb: "drops fill up oceans." (translated from Hindi)

So, even if I am a tiny cog, I am contributing to the Internet economy. Not bad for a five month old blog.

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Indian Pundit said...

Loved your last line.
"Ancient indians knew this...." infact almost all modern theories have roots in ancient indian scriptures.
By the way according to times now ,there are 400,000 blogs started by indians.
Overall,what a way to earn money!!

@Do you mind if i add u in my BLOGROLL??

Thanks in advance.

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