Friday, March 13, 2009

5 Google Search Tips I Bet You Did Not Know About

1. You can use Google as a calculator. Just type something like (4/3)*pi*(seven)^3 and get the volume of the sphere with radius at 7 units, for example.

2. You can use Google as a dictionary. Try something like define serendipity and check out the first entry. I also tried define abidance - it works.

3. You can use Google to keep a tab on the world. For example, you would like to be the first to know about your favourite subject, say Gardening. Sign up to You will get information on your e-mail as it happens (or once a day, if you are not so hot about it). I use this all the time to follow what I consider important at professional and personal level.

4. You can use Google to carry out research. Go to and get researching. This is actually brilliant.

5. You can use the character "~" to widen your search. A search with ~horse gives you all results not only with horse, but also pony, stallion, equestrian, etc. (basically all the synonyms). I find it very useful when I am looking for a concept but not sure about the exact word.

I picked up these tips when I read the wonderful 'biography' on Google: The Google Story by David A Vise.

Do you have any tricks up your google-search-sleeve?
Would you like to share it with everyone?

Picture courtesy: jaylopez

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