Sunday, March 8, 2009

To all my women readers

Today is International Women's Day (IWD).

It is almost impossible to determine its relevance to the women because of the product-marketing-like atmosphere created by the newspapers - I have nothing personal against Kareena Kapoor but I cannot see why a newspaper has to call a film actress to be the guest editor.

So, just to understand - if you could be bothered, that is: Is IWD relevant to you? How?

I once asked the women folks in my office if they knew why 8th March is celebrated as the IWD. Not one knew. Do you?

Check out the Official Website of IWD to know more.

Picture courtesy: Hilde Vanstraelen

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Hemal Shah said...

I never knew about why was women's day celebrated. It ought to be known. I wish all women at my office and who are my clients every year, by creating a custom e-card (i am designer). They are very happy about being recognized and to me, it is relevent coz it makes them happy. We have a Happy Man's Day every day. I hope you understand what I mean. In IT world too, the total development time is counted in Man days :D

So, when I wish my women colleuges, it is satisfying to see the smile on their face.

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