Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To conform or not to

Do you realize that the green colour that you see on a leaf or the beautiful red you see on a rose actually does not belong to the leaf or the flower? The colour you see is the colour that has been rejected by the object. The green of the leaf is the frequency of light that the leaf does not absorb. The red of that rose gently swaying in your fron yard is the colour the rose has rejected. You are perceived by what others receive from you.

I use this as an analogy to teach my kids good behaviour. These aspects are not immediately apparent to them. They find it difficult to comprehend that it doesn't matter how good they think they are. What matters is what people get to see.

But as I teach them this I realize that perhaps I am giving them the wrong advise. After all conforming is not such a good thing always. People who conform are doomed to mediocrity for life. Aren't they?

The pragmatic thing, of course, is to conform or break out as demanded by the situation. This is rather difficult to teach!

I think I am worrying too much. After all, grass grows by itself.

Parenthood is one difficult responsibility.

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