Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are the hits from Alphainventions.com for real?

Many of the Alphainventions users must be having the same doubt as I: How real are the hits referred by Alphainventions? Or are they just visitors passing by?

To find exactly this I a) recently installed Google Analytics in my blog and b) did not submit my blog to the alphainventions reading cycle.

Here are the results for the period 27th Feb to March 1st, both inclusive (basically 3 days)

No. of visits = 147
Pages / visit = 9.03 (note: repeated visit of a single page are counted)
Average Time on Site = 0:43:27
New Visits = 87.76%
Bounce rate = 23.13% (meaning, 1 in 5 visitor did not explore my blog beyond the page first visited.)

The answer to the question we all are asking is now very clear.

Yes, Alphainventions brings you new visitors.
Yes, the hits referred by alphainventions to your blog are real people.
Yes, the visitors stay on for a prolonged period of time exploring your blog.

Do you have similar statistics that can throw light on alphainventions?

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Jeannine said...

Thanks for doing the research on AI and putting it out there. I also wondered at first if the hits were 'real'. But I've had comments from poeple who said they'd found me on AI - and here I am, a real person, posting a comment on your blog!

Anonymous said...


I am also a real person and found you out on AI.

I was not hesitant to try AI, as I always try out news things.

Why not check me out as well.

AI works. It's for real. Thank you for your insight.

photographerno1 said...

Cheru is real , he sent me an email , and I am in awe of his knowledge of the web..he has done all us bloggers a great service..

May he reach newer heights ..wealth prosperity and all ..he deserves it..

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