Sunday, March 22, 2009

The IPL Date drama

I am not sure what message are what message are we sending out by this Indian Premier League T-20 Cricket date drama:

(a) India is as unsafe as Pakistan
(b) When there are elections in India, the police and the armed forces cannot protect anyone else
(c) To obtain protection you need to allow political advertisements
(d) All of the above

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yogs said...

Hello, Amitabh..
I agree that, unfortunately, this is the message that might be sent out across the world. But looking at the other side, dont you think that not conducting IPL would be a small price to pay for the following activities:
(a) Having smoother, free and fair elections
(b) No risk of India being tagged as another Pak, thus avoiding another 26/11
(c) To have the Delhi Commonwealth games 2010 in schedule
(d) All of the above

Amitabh said...

Thanks for your response Yogs.

I saw the news of IPL moving out of India after I blogged.

Now consider this ...

a) If we have to put all the police force to ensure fair and free elections, then we are all in danger of theft, murder, rape and terrorist attacks. If not IPL them some school, college, hospital, or hotel will be the terror target and India police and para-military cannot protect us because they will be busy with elections.

b) Perhaps terrorists will attack IPL. Perhaps they will not. But by not holding IPL in India because of terror threat is a sure way of being tagged as another Pakistan.

c) If we successfully conduct IPL without any terror attack, the chances of everyone coming to commonwealth is greater. Now, I am not sure if anyone will want to come to Commonwealth games at all.

d) The choice is therefore none of the above.

Like it or not, IPL is set to become the biggest sporting spectacle of India. It is like the English Premier League (EPL) for football. I will be surprised if they will ever dream of moving EPL out of England.

People may feel IPL is not important for sports. But it surely has gained importance as a symbol of Indian Governments inability to defend common people.

Feel free to disagree. That's the whole idea.

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