Monday, March 30, 2009

So? and Why?

Imagine ...

"Your team is not following the process."
"This will cause problems?"
"If the process is not followed there will be a non-conformity."
"This is not good."
"This shows that the product has not met the process."
"What so? Process has been laid after a long thought process. If the process is followed we are assured of a working product."
"Because then you would have met the specifications."
"You mean to say, the processes are infallible. And that they cannot be changed. And that the product will not be of high standard if the processes are not followed."
"No. But the processes are there for a reason."
"Isn't it time to revisit the processes? Maybe they are dated."

Ok now imagine this ...

"I need to something different?"
"I am stagnating."
"I need to break out."
"I need to make a difference?"
"What so? To make a mark in this world, I need to do something remarkable."
"Because ... because ..."
"Have you introspected enough? Or are you swayed by every new book you read?"

See how effective 'so?' and 'why?' could be. It peels away the bluster to reveal the essential. Try it. I guarantee you success.

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arbitmind said...

I agree. Often when you drill step by step into a plan/instruction through stepwise questions...people do falter beyond the point. Clarity in the mind is a rarity.

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