Monday, March 23, 2009

Brain Seeding Technique

Alexander's technique of slicing the Gordian's Knot is perhaps one of the best Problem Solving techniques that I know of. Here's what you need to do ...

Ask everyone to list their problems. You will get a big list. Chances are that each element of the list is actually a symptom. Not the problem itself.

Once the list is ready, you need to behave like a bull in a china shop. Basically, go crash, bang, wallop. Take the first item in the list and give your best solution that you can think of at that point of time. In all probability, you will be met with an uproar of why your solution will not work. Ask them why it will not work. The discussion goes like ...

You: How about <this>?
They: No this will not work because of <such, such & such> reason.
You : Why?
They: Because of <this and that>
You: Why not? <And give a counter argument as to why you believe it will work>

Stay there for some time and go to the next item. Repeat the same technique.

At the end of this rapid fire solution round, you will find some pattern emerging. You will also find the room a little more open to ideas. Leave them to it and walk out of the room. Tell them you will come back after half an hour or earlier, if they have some insight.

This technique is diametrically opposite of brain storming technique. I cal lit the brain seeding technique.

This does not guarantee you instant solution. But it ensures demolition of inertia of the group.

Try it. It might just work for you. If it does please let me know. Should you need any clarification feel free to ask.

Picture courtesy: Sanja Gjenero

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