Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sharing the Big Moo

What happens when you marry Purple Cow and The Go-Giver? You get a Big Moo.

I am not joking ... Just sample this from the introduction of the book edited by Seth Godin, The Big Moo:

When you brought this book, you also brought the right to photocopy as many pages as you like, as many times as you like. Go ahead and make five hundred copies of your favorite story and send them out via interoffice mail. You can also find a few of the stories in digital form at our Web site. Feel free to e-mail those to as many people as you care to.

I have therefore decided that once I finish reading the book, I will send my favorite one to all my regular readers and all those who have ever commented on my blog. May you remarkabalize your life. If this is your first time to my blog and you wish to get one Big Moo story from me, please leave a note in the comment section. And if you wish to buy the book, you may buy it here => The Big Moo

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Hashir Tufail said...

Thanks for passing this. Loved it - truly.

ARJuna said...

Thank you Sir, for your gift. The fact that you acknowledged me with a unique personalized mail is in fact a gift in itself.

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